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Road Trip Movies

The 25 Best Road Trip Movies Ever


Films to have on hand for when you need a taste of the open road from the comfort of your home.

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The 10 Stops on a Perfect Tour of Wes Anderson’s World


For the films of Wes Anderson, it’s all about location, location, location.

Best Movie Capes

The 60 Greatest Capes in Movie History


From Cleopatra to Lando Calrissian, we showcase the greatest movie capes.

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25 Planned Superhero Movies That Never Happened


Some of the most interesting superhero movies are the ones we’ll never get to see. Here’s an ode to the unlucky projects that didn’t quite make the leap to the big screen.

Best TV Pilots List

The 50 Best TV Pilots of the 21st Century


First episodes are notoriously tough to pull off, but all of these shows started strong.

List Bottle Episodes Community

The 20 Best TV Bottle Episodes Ever


Sometimes you want to go on a little side adventure to a single location.

Update The Lists Ensemble Films

The 25 Best Ensemble Movies Ever


Cinema’s starriest in film history’s greatest.

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10 Hopeful Movies for Dark Times


If the world is bringing you down, these hopeful movies can bring you back up again.


The 45 Most Beautiful Shots of Cinematic Sunsets


Sunsets have provided a backdrop to some of the most powerful, beautiful, and memorable scenes in movies.