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Capone explained

The Ending of ‘Capone’ Explained


There have been many movies about Al Capone, but none like this one.

Capone Trailer Shot

The Cinematic Capone


We watch the new trailer for Josh Trank’s gangster epic and consider the various other Al Capones that have stalked the screen.


There Will Be Carnage: Watch An Exclusive Clip from the ‘Venom’ Blu-ray


A look at everyone’s second-favorite symbiote.

Venom Ending

The ‘Venom’ Post-Credits Sequence Explained


We’re going to need a long journal entry about these two post-credits sequences.

‘Venom’ Gets Hungry in a Killer New Trailer


“The world has enough superheroes,” indeed.

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The Best Summer Movie Ever is ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’


Witness: Fury Road is the ultimate summer blockbuster! Everything else is MEDIOCRE!

Taboo Tom Hardy

Even with a Good Cast, Josh Trank’s ‘Fonzo’ Has a Long Way to Go


This long-gestating project snagged Tom Hardy and a bunch of other great actors, but are they enough to counteract Trank’s reputation?