The Royal Hotel

‘The Royal Hotel’ Fails to Fulfill its Ozploitation Promise


You may want to check out early.

Holy Spider

‘Holy Spider’ Is a Compelling True Crime Tale That Idolizes Its Killer


When dramatizing a real serial killer’s reign, we need to think more about the victims and the people who loved them living in the aftermath.


‘Burial’ Offers an Interesting Premise with Little New Ground


Balance is everything for a film of this size, and it never quite finds it.

Targets 1968 movie Scope

‘Targets’ Made Modern Horror More Real and More Terrifying


Peter Bogdanovich’s first film (and Boris Karloff’s final film) should be looked at as more than a stepping stone to greatness. It was also genre-changing.


Through a (Camera Lens) Darkly: The Art of Abstraction in ‘Blow-Up’


Sometimes searching for order in chaos only leads to more disorder. Also smile, you’re on camera.


An SUV Delivers Suspense, Commentary, and a Leather Interior in ‘4×4’


The most unexpected hells are often the ones we make for ourselves.

Homecoming Julia Roberts

Drop What You’re Doing and Watch ‘Homecoming’


Based on the hit podcast, Amazon’s Homecoming is surely one of the best TV shows of the year.

Dev Patel In Lion

Dev Patel to Make Directorial Debut With Action Movie ‘Monkey Man’


The Oscar-nominated actor is also set to star in the movie, which will be based in Indian mythology.

Little Drummer Girl Pugh Skarsgard

‘The Little Drummer Girl’ Review: Park Chan-wook Brings His Signature Style to TV (LFF)


The ‘Oldboy’ director is a surprising choice to direct the latest John le Carré adaptation, but we think it works.