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Scott Pilgrim

How Edgar Wright Foregrounds Sound


*furious whip-pan noises*

Howl's Moving Castle

The Comfort Food Paradox of ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’


A heart is a heavy burden. Here’s how, in spite of its grimness, Hayao Miyazaki’s film lightens the load.

Cinema Paradiso Projectionists

A Love Letter to On-Screen Projectionists


DO pay attention to that man behind the curtain!

Train To Busan

‘Train to Busan’ is a Case Study in Meaningful Character Death


All aboard! Watch a video essay that shows why Yeon Sang-ho’s film is better than most in the zombie subgenre.

Peter Jackson's Bad Taste

Gumption and Gore: How Peter Jackson Made ‘Bad Taste’


“Peter Jackson make another horror film” challenge.

Mandy score Church

Why the Language of ‘Mandy’ is Sound


You’re a special one, ‘Mandy.’

Bronson film Clown

How ‘Bronson’ Subverts the Prison Film


Watch a video essay by Jessica McGoff about both Nicolas Winding Refn and Tom Hardy’s breakout film.

sound of Jackie Portman Concert

The Sound of Trauma: The Aural Storytelling of ‘Jackie’


How does sound affect how we understand a character? For Pablo Larraín’s film it’s more than just an accent.

My Cousin Vinny courtroom scenes

The Delicate Art of the Courtroom Scene


Let’s take this to court.