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The Last Unicorn

Remembering ‘The Last Unicorn’: Rankin/Bass’ Cult Classic


Rankin AND Bass? In THIS economy?

Diagetic Sound Design Quiet Place

The Beginner’s Guide to Diegetic and Non-Diegetic Sound Design


Hey did you hear that? If you’re a character in a movie, it’s probably diegetic.

Oliver Reed Gladiator

How Filmmakers Navigate an Actor’s Unexpected Death On-Screen


The show must go on.

Black Sea Shallow Depth Of Field

The Casual Film Lover’s Guide to Shallow Depth of Field


Toss a coin to your focus puller.

Jackie Brown Mall Scene

What the Mall Scene in ‘Jackie Brown’ Can Teach Us About Tarantino’s Quietest Film


Tarantino loves to mess with chronology. With one notable exception.

Taxi Driver Movie Theater

From Bava to Bresson: The Films That Inspired ‘Taxi Driver’


Femme Fatales, post-war disorientation, and voice-over? Huh. Maybe ‘Taxi Driver’ is a noir film.

Mr Bean Hitchcock

Want a Lesson in Hitchcockian Suspense? Look to Mr. Bean.


*Insert Alfred Hitchcock and Mr. Bean handshake meme here*

Who's That Knocking At My Door

The Story of How Scorsese’s First Movie Saw The Light of Day


Turns out it takes a village to make a Martin Scorsese debut feature. Or at least one Haig Manoogian.

Disco Star Wars

Believe It Or Not, There Was a ‘Star Wars’ Disco Soundtrack


Grandpa Simpson voice: “It was the style at the time!”