The Exorcist

The Exorcist Iii Jumpscare A

What Makes ‘The Exorcist III’ Jump Scare So Effective


Sometimes the scariest thing in the world is stillness. And giant metal scissors.

The Exorcist Audience Reaction

Beelzebub’s Blockbuster: Why ‘The Exorcist’ Terrified Audiences in 1973


‘The Exorcist’ was the Christmas hit that rocked Hollywood. Here’s why audiences in 1973 found the film so scary.

Saint Maud Rose Glass

‘Maud’ and God: A Conversation with Rose Glass


The writer-director’s debut feature, ‘Saint Maud,’ is finally coming to US screens. We got on the phone with her nearly a year ago.

Mercedes Mccambridge Exorcist

One Hell of a Performance: How Mercedes McCambridge Gave a Demon a Voice


What an excellent day for a celebration of Mercedes McCambridge.

The Exorcist Banned Trailer

What The Banned Trailer for ‘The Exorcist’ Can Teach Us About Our Tolerance for Terror


Nightmare fuel or experimental masterpiece? You decide.

Robocop Defenestration

A Celebration of Great Movie Defenestrations


People being thrown out of windows is one of cinema’s most entertaining tropes.

Along Came The Devil

Jason DeVan on Exploring the Reality of Evil in ‘Along Came The Devil’


We chat with the director about following in the footsteps of a cinematic masterpiece and riding the line between exploitation and truthful terror.

The Devil And Father Amorth

45 Years after ‘The Exorcist’ William Friedkin Captures Real Evil On Screen


Friedkin’s new documentary, The Devil and Father Amorth challenges our modern concepts of evil.