Film Festival.

The Assassination of a SXSW Audience


Director Brett Simon’s noir-based high school comedy, the fusion of Chinatown and a John Hughes movie, brings the house down in Austin.

SXSW Movie Review: Beautiful Losers


At first glance, it appears to be a doc painted with a broad stroke, giving it a jumpy, unfocused feeling — that is, until it evolves right before our eyes into something special…

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Explicit Ills Takes SXSW’s Top Award; But Was it an Honest Win?


Mark Webber’s directorial debut may have won the big award in Austin, but was it a fair contest? After reading this, you may not think so.

SXSW Movie Review: Nerdcore Rising


Nerdcore is rising… Have you heard?

SXSW Movie Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall


Judd Apatow’s camp comes through again with a comedy that is a lot smarter than you would initially think… [Grade: B+]

SXSW Movie Review: The Promotion


Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly play two grocery store managers battling for the big job in this quirky, intelligent film. [Grade: A]

SXSW Review: Second Skin


Behold, the first truly great, visionary film from this year’s SXSW Film Festival.

SXSW Blog: The Long Road into Texas


From Columbus, Ohio to Austin, Texas to movies to party… It was a long day 1 (alright, days 1-3, but who’s counting).

Austin, Texas Here We Come! Bring on SXSW!


Assuming we don’t get into trouble on the 18 hour drive between Columbus, Ohio and Austin, Texas, here is a quick preview of what our upcoming week should look like…