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The Reflections Between Disney and Studio Ghibli


Placing the legendary Japanese studio in conversation with beloved American films reveals some fascinating parallels — but also highlights the crucial differences in their respective approaches to storytelling.

Hunt For The Wilderpeople Sunset

18 Comfort Food Films to Nurse Your 2017 Hangover


New Year’s Eve has laid waste to your body and soul. Let film help.

Come and Get It: Food in the Films of Hayao Miyazaki


A Ghibli buffet.

Mary And The Witchs Flower Trailer

Why You Need to Be Excited for ‘Mary and the Witch’s Flower’


What Studio Ponoc’s debut could mean for Studio Ghibli’s uncertain future.

Hayao Miyazaki

See Hayao Miyazaki Embrace Computer Animation in ‘Never-Ending Man’


A new documentary chronicles the director’s unexpected return.

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The Movies of Studio Ghibli, Ranked


To celebrate the 30th birthday of Studio Ghibli, we gave one writer the task of ranking their entire feature film library.