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3 Good Reasons Why They Shouldn’t Make Mission: Impossible 4


Exclusive: Orci and Kurtzman Talk ‘Revenge,’ Freedom, and the American Way


Judging by their output for Star Trek, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and The Proposal all in one summer, it seems like screenwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman don’t sleep. And they won’t get to anytime soon. We caught them not napping in order to ask them about writing for Michael Bay and their upcoming Cowboys and Aliens.

Marvel Summons Chris Hemsworth to Play ‘Thor’


According to Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke, Marvel Studios has finally found their man for Thor. And while you might not recognize his name, you may have just seen him in a recent summer blockbuster.

Culture Warrior: ‘Star Trek’ and the Franchise Relaunch


This week Culture Warrior asks, just how ‘new’ is the new Star Trek, anyway?

Review: Star Trek


A complete Trek Virgin gives his perspective: Star Trek showcases the brilliance of science fiction: building a universe that is different from our own and filling it with people that are just like us.

Remember The Alamo: Star Trek’s Big Night in Austin


We take one more look back at what is quickly becoming the geek event of 2009, complete with our own Executive Editor making an appearance on G4’s Attack of the Show.

Star Trek Quinto Pine

Star Trek Makes Surprise World Premiere in Austin and We Were There


Star Trek fans in Austin were treated to a surprise screening of J.J. Abrams’ new Trek reboot. And of course we were there to see it all go down. Now that we’ve had a chance to calm down, we’re ready to bring you our first spoiler-free review of the film. Just make sure to clean up your mess when you’re done reading.

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The 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2009


If you ask anyone in the film industry, the year doesn’t begin until we’ve properly dictated to you our most anticipated movies of the next 12 months. Seriously, ask anyone. They will tell you that anticipation cannot exist without a road map. And said map must be provided by the staff here at FSR. It’s science.

Transformers To Feature Feature Crystals and New Age Healing


Transformers 2 is shooting in Sedona, Arizona… otherwise known as the land of crystal healing, UFOs, and it’s a New Age mecca. Oh, and they have some pretty awesome scenery, to boot.