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What Josiah Saw

‘What Josiah Saw’ Has One of the Best Horror Scores of the Year


Stolen gold, haunted land, and pitch-black family secrets: the Southern Gothic trifecta.

Time Out in Creepshow

‘Creepshow’ Goes Full ‘Twilight Zone’ and Stiffs a Good Guy in “Time Out”


The Creep has left karma out of the picture all together with this week’s tales of terror.

Creepshow Stranger Sings

‘Creepshow’ Abandons Its Karmic Format with “Stranger Sings”


The latest episode of ‘Creepshow’ is just fine. But where’s the grisly comeuppance?

Creepshow the last tsuburaya

‘Creepshow’ Finds Death in Art, Spiders, and “The Last Tsuburaya”


Creepshow’s latest episode delivers a pair of okay segments!


‘V/H/S/94’ is Anthology Horror with Guts (and Other Bloody Bits)


V/H/S/2 still reigns supreme, but this fourth entry is a clear step up from ‘V/H/S: Viral.’

Creepshow 3_2

‘Creepshow’ is Less Humerus than it Thinks with “Skeletons in the Closet”


We have a bone to pick with this episode, folks.

Creepshow Mums

‘Creepshow’ Returns for a Third Season of Murder, Monsters, and More


A Joe Hill story and a tale of hive-mind fandom make up the season’s premiere episode.

Justin Long in Creepshow

“Night of the Living Late Show” Sees ‘Creepshow’ Go Out on a High Note


The latest episode of ‘Creepshow’ stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Honest!

Creepshow Pipe Screams

‘Creepshow’ Plumbs the Icky Side of Apartment Life with “Pipe Screams”


The renters’ market really is a horrorshow.