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I Care A Lot Ending Explained

The Ending of ‘I Care a Lot’ Explained


In J Blakeson’s crime film, Rosamund Pike plays a woman who won’t rest until ultimate success has been achieved.


‘Watership Down’ Review: Rabbits Run Rampant In Rousing Reinterpretation


Cover your eyes as we dive into Netflix’s new adaptation of the classic British novel.

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Rosamund Pike to Finally Fulfill Her Post-‘Gone Girl’ Destiny


Pike will star in the TV series ‘The Banker’s Wife,’ producing alongside part of the team behind ‘Homeland.’


Rosamund Pike Discusses ‘Beirut,’ Working with Jon Hamm, and Life After ‘Gone Girl’


We chat with the Oscar-nominated actress about her latest thriller and why David Fincher was the “blessing” of her life.