Richard Dreyfuss

What About Bob

‘What About Bob?’ is a Comedic Critique of the Mental Health Care System


Thirty years later, this Bill Murray comedy is as relevant as ever.


Talking Greek Gods and ‘Astronaut’ with Richard Dreyfuss


We try to talk with the actor about his new film ‘Astronaut,’ but we quickly sidetrack into a philosophical exploration of the only rageful gods humanity deserves.

Asher Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman and Michael Caton-Jones on Choosing Sparsity Over Action in ‘Asher’


We chat with the actor and director about stripping gangsters to their emotional core.

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Richard Dreyfuss: Life After Spielberg


What About Bob Baby Steps

Lost In Success: My Summer Internship With Dr. Leo Marvin


How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! But, how do you stay a success? Let’s ask Dr. Leo Marvin!