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Previously On is our recurring series of reviews of TV shows that are returning for subsequent seasons.

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Betty Hbo Season 2

Get On Board With HBO’s Excellent Skater Girl Series ‘Betty’


If you haven’t heard of HBO’s great underdog series Betty, now’s your chance to change that.

In Treatment Hbo Aduba

‘In Treatment’ is Back and in Top Form with Uzo Aduba


HBO’s therapy session drama returns after a decade off the air with a new cast and whip-smart and timely fourth season.

Special Season 2 Netflix Ryan

The Subversive Netflix Comedy Series ‘Special’ Ends in its Prime


The second season of Ryan O’Connell’s semi-autobiographical show goes out on a high note, tackling disability and love with humor and nuance.

The Girlfriend Experience Season

‘The Girlfriend Experience’ Has Become Disconnected from Desire


The third season of the Steven Soderbergh-produced escort drama dives deep into tech and science — and loses some of its spark along the way.

Jules Euphoria

‘Euphoria’ Delivers Another Must-Watch Deep Dive


The second special episode of ‘Euphoria’ is a welcome character study of soft-spoken, adventurous trans teen Jules, played by Hunter Schafer.

Servant Season 2

The Second Season of M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Servant’ Loses Its Dark Center


When the disturbing first season made us feel bad, it was the sign of a job well done. The second season of the M. Night Shyamalan-produced series, unfortunately, just feels bad because it is bad.

Search party season 4

‘Search Party’ Season 4 Goes Back to Its Missing Person Roots


The new season delivers the show’s original premise with a twist: this time everything’s real.

Dickinson Season

‘Dickinson’ is Still as Inspired as Its Subject


The show’s sophomore season, which follows the famed poet into a new period of her life, is audacious and clever.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Ending

‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Goes Out with a Bang


This ‘Riverdale’ sister series never quite reached the wacky creative heights of its counterpart, but it comes close with an ambitious final season.