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Previously On is our recurring series of reviews of TV shows that are returning for subsequent seasons.

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Tom Hopper and Elliot Page in Umbrella Academy Season 3

‘Umbrella Academy’ is Back And More Dysfunctional Than Ever


Netflix’s dysfunctional superhero saga gets bogged down by frustrating writing choices in a new season that still manages to pull off some great moments.

Evil Review Season

‘Evil’ Continues Contemplating the Horrorshow of Modern America


In its third season, unorthodox horror series Evil continues to be one of the most creative shows on TV.

The Great Season 2

‘The Great’ is a Violent Delight


FSR chief television critic Valerie Ettenhofer reviews Season 2 of Hulu’s quasi-historical series, calling the return ruthless, funny, and relentlessly entertaining.

Succession Season 3

‘Succession’ Returns, on Top of the World


In Season 3, the satirical drama reminds us that few things in life are more enjoyable than watching the Roy family fight.

Sex Education Season

‘Sex Education’ is Back and Better than Ever


The latest season of the empowering, entertaining series shows Moordale students fighting to let their freak flags fly.

Impeachment American Crime Story Feldstein

‘Impeachment: American Crime Story’ Reframes the Clinton-Lewinsky Narrative Once and For All


The FX series takes on one of the biggest stories of the 1990s and compellingly tears down media-made misconceptions in the process.

What We Do In The Shadows Season

‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Season 3 is a Mixed Bag (of Blood)


The latest episodes of the vampire comedy start off light on charm and laughs, but it eventually recovers its footing.

The Other Two Season 2

‘The Other Two’ is a Can’t-Miss Satire of Celebrity


In its second season, the under-watched but excellent satire makes the jump from Comedy Central to HBO Max and is even better there.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Season 8

The Final Season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Takes On the Problem of Its Own Premise


In its eighth — and final — season, the beloved sitcom is turning a critical eye to its cuddly cop concept. But is it doing enough?