Pitch Meeting

Pitch Meeting is a monthly column in which we suggest an IP ripe for adaptation, then assign the cast and crew of our dreams.

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Godzilla Half Century War

The Only New ‘Godzilla’ Movie We Want to See is ‘The Half-Century War’


Ok, so that’s a lie, we’ll watch whatever ‘Godzilla’ movie we’re given, but ‘The Half-Century War’ is the best option.

Prophet Empire

After Decades of Creative Evolution, ‘Prophet’ Should Be Our Next Comic Book Saga


Once upon a time, in those dark 1990s, the idea of a ‘Prophet’ film was absurd. Thankfully, times change.

Dial H For Hero

Pitch Meeting: A ‘Dial H for Hero’ Movie


DC Comics needs its ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.’