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Viggo Mortensen Green Book

‘Green Book’ Had the Best Post-Oscars Box Office Bump in 10 Years


The Academy Award winner for Best Picture booked more theaters and collected a lot more green following its success at the Oscars.

Pixar's Bao

The Significance of Shorts at the Oscars


Some believe the shorts categories are a disposable part of the Academy Awards. We think they deserve greater respect and recognition.

Alfonso Cuaron Gravity

What’s Next for the 2019 Oscar Winners?


We look into the near future of this year’s winners.

Oscars Amy Tina Maya

The Underrated Moments of Oscars 2019


Forget about ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and focus on the positives.

Oscars No Host

Should The Oscars Ever Have A Host Again?


The Academy Awards went hostless last night for the first time in 30 years. It actually worked out for the best.

Roma Movie Theater

More People Watch the Oscars Than Go to Most Movies


Looking at the box office success of this year’s Academy Award winners, ABC is lucky to have as high viewership for the telecast as they do.

New Oscars

The New Oscars


This year’s Oscar winners were hit-or-miss, so we made up a few of our own categories.

Oscars Winners

The 2019 Oscar Winners


We’ll be updating live all night with the winners and analysis as they’re announced.

Oscars Final

2019 Oscar Predictions: The Final Ballot


We’ve done the analysis, now it’s time to make our final Oscar 2019 predictions.