Orson Welles

The Magnificent Ambersons

Meet the Team on a Quest to Find Orson Welles’ Lost Original Cut of ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’


We talked to the director and producers of ‘The Lost Print,’ an upcoming documentary about finding the original director’s cut of ‘The Magnificent Ambersons.’

Citizen Kane Ending

The Ending of ‘Citizen Kane’ Remains a Vicious Revenge Against a Tyrant


Even if you’ve never seen the film, you know the ending, but let’s take a moment to appreciate the passion and technique supplied by Orson Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz as they tear apart a legend.


The Other Side of Orson Welles


We all remember him as one of the greatest filmmakers ever, but he had another passion that’s rarely discussed.

Netflix Other Side Of The Wind

‘The Other Side of the Wind’ and Authorship


The newly-released film from the 1970s reveals insights about Orson Welles’s legacy.

The Other Side Of The Wind Orson Welles Netflix

The Experience of ‘The Other Side of the Wind’


How do you separate the legend from the movie? You don’t.

The Other Side of the Wind

‘The Other Side of the Wind’ and the Demolished Genius of Orson Welles


The anticipation around Orson Welles’ final work is exhilarating and a little terrifying.

Screen Shot At Am

A Video Essay Guide to ‘Citizen Kane’


Many consider Citizen Kane the greatest movie ever made. Here are five video essays to help you learn more about Orson Welles’ masterpiece.

Rebecca Crop

Exploring the Relationship Between ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘Rebecca’


What can we learn by juxtaposing these two classic movies?

No Featured Image

That Time Orson Welles Hijacked Halloween and The American Consciousness


How the mind behind Citizen Kane went a little too hard for Halloween.