Varda By Agnès

‘Varda by Agnès’ Is a Remarkably Transparent Farewell from One of Cinema’s Greatest Directors


Varda’s self-portrait takes us through her career and the full spectrum of human emotion.

First Cow

Kelly Reichardt and ‘First Cow’ Cast Talk the Movie’s Tender Moments at NYFF Press Conference


The tactics that made this frontier buddy film so heartfelt will make you love the film even more.

Marriage Story

‘Marriage Story’ Review: A Dive Between the Dichotomies of Love and Heartbreak


Noah Baumbach will break your heart and make you laugh with his new film about divorce.

Martin Eden

‘Martin Eden’ Review: Poetic Mastery and an Enigmatic Performance


Luca Marinelli brings the Jack London character new life over 100 years after the novel was published.

A Girl Missing

‘A Girl Missing’ Review: More Confusing Than Mysterious


This Japanese crime drama is interesting but has a hard time finding its flow.

I Was At Home But

‘I Was At Home, But…’ Review: An Expressionless Attempt at Stoicism


This atmospheric drama lacks the emotional impact its premise suggests.

Young Ahmed

‘Young Ahmed’ Review: A Dark Look at Impressionable Adolescence


The Dardenne brothers latest film takes on a complicated young subject and clutching your chest.

The Favourite

‘The Favourite’ Review: Colman, Stone, and Weisz Are a Fantastic Feuding Trio


Comedy and tragedy, history and modernity fuse on New York Film Festival’s opening night

High Life

Space is the Ultimate Prison in Claire Denis’ ‘High Life’ (NYFF)


You can’t escape the cosmic void.