Nicole Kidman


The Undoing

A Star-Studded Cast Can’t Save HBO’s ‘The Undoing’


Maybe it’s time to retire the bougie crime soap.

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The Spectacular Healing Power of Art in ‘Moulin Rouge!’


‘Moulin Rouge!’ is built upon pop songs, can-can dancing, and the healing power of artistic expression

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Relishing Marital Trauma Both Real and Imaginary in ‘Eyes Wide Shut’


How We Learned to Stop Worrying And Love The One You’re With.

How ‘Big Little Lies’ Moved Beyond Its Source Material


One big lie threatens the Monterey Five in the HBO series’ second season.

Big Little Lies Cast Cs P Ebdeaeeefd Fit W

In HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies,’ Trauma is the Tie that Binds


With Season two well underway, the Monterey Five and audiences continue grappling with weighted emotions and experiences.


Destroyers: In Praise of Karyn Kusama’s Dangerous Women


The women of ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ ‘The Invitation,’ and ‘Destroyer’ are a new breed of antihero.


‘Destroyer ‘ Review: Nicole Kidman Shines in an Unfulfilling Detective Story


Nicole Kidman makes Destroyer interesting, but this is a crime best left unsolved.

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Final ‘Aquaman’ Trailer is Vibrant and Emotional in All the Right Ways


The next DC effort unleashes its most effective trailer yet.

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Amazon Studios’ Upcoming Television Slate Looks Insanely Good


The best and brightest showrunners and filmmakers are bringing bold television to the streaming service. We have Jennifer Salke to thank for that.