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Mom And Dad Cage And Blair

Maximum Cage in ‘Mom And Dad’: An Underrated 2018 Nicolas Cage Scene


‘Mandy’ is great, but Nicolas Cage goes full Dad Life Crisis in ‘Mom And Dad’ and it is amazing.

Winners And Losers Header

The Pop Culture Winners and Losers of 2018


From ‘Black Panther’ to Filmstruck ending its service, 2018 was filled with Winners and Losers.


The Real Reason Jóhann Jóhannsson’s ‘Mandy’ Score is Ineligible For an Oscar


We reached out to the Academy for clarification on the disappointing technicality.

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The Wild Fantasies of Panos Cosmatos


Is Nic Cage Galactus or The Silver Surfer? The director reveals all ‘Mandy’ MCU connections.

Cher movies Mamma Mia

A Guide to Cher’s Best Film Performances


Making the silver screen a bit more glam, one movie at a time.

Nicolas Cage Ghostrider

Nicolas Cage Joins ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’


Cage will play noir version of Spidey, joining an all-star cast.

Mandy Nicholas Cage X

Nouveau Shamanic: The Enigmatic Style of Nicolas Cage


With his upcoming film ‘Mandy’ destined to be the next chapter in the Cult of Cage, what’s behind the vitriol and fascination of this polarizing actor?

Mandy And My Axe

The ‘Mandy’ Trailer is a Special One


Nicolas Cage will regain his glory fighting chainsaw to chainsaw against crazy evil.

Nic Cage

York Shackleton on Directing the Ultimate Shootout for Nicolas Cage to Rage Against in ‘211’


We chat with the filmmaker about finding inspiration within a real-life North Hollywood gunfight and how he adapted that terrifying history for pop culture consumption.