New German Cinema

Aguirre The Wrath Of God

The Strange Allure of Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski


Despite their lasting animosity, the two titans of New German Cinema produced a provocative and thought-provoking body of work together.

World On A Wire Header

Fassbinder’s World on a Wire Deserves More Recognition in the Sci-Fi Canon


An examination of Fassbinder’s enigmatic, mind-bending sci-fi opus, World on a Wire.

New German Cinema The American Friend

A Beginner’s Guide to New German Cinema


Darby Delaney presents an overview of one of film’s most riveting movements.

Eight Hours Don't Make A Day Fassbinder

Why ‘Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day’ is Fassbinder’s True Piece de Resistance


This miniseries may be the most remarkable title in the German enfant terrible’s oeuvre.