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Sujata Day Definition Please

Sujata Day Wants to Tell a Different Kind of Story About South Asian Americans


We talk to the actress-turned-filmmaker about ‘Definition Please,’ paying homage to Bollywood, and why she never wants to be a producer again.

Netflix January

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for January 2022


A dark new series with episodes directed by Benson & Moorhead? Yes please.

DiCaprio and Lawrence reading our review of Dont Look Up

‘Don’t Look Up’ is a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Look at the Sad State of Humanity


A big cast, a few laughs, and one perfectly cynical ending.

Netflix Streaming December 2021

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for December 2021


‘Cobra Kai’! Leonardo DiCaprio! ‘The Witcher’! Jennifer Lawrence! Netflix is going out with a bang in the final month of this year.

Rich people in Red Notice

‘Red Notice’ is Devoid of Thrills, Chemistry, and Purpose


Skip it and watch ‘The Harder They Fall’ instead.

Regina King in The Harder They Fall

‘The Harder They Fall’ Pairs Classic Western Beats with Style and Vitality


Come for a stellar cast kicking ass and taking names in a Western, and stay for that very same reason.

Netflix November

What’s New to Stream on Netflix for November 2021


New movies are great, but Netflix has some compelling new series this month too.

Netflix You Food

How the Netflix Series ‘You’ Brings the Horror with Food


This might just be one of the best cooking shows in years.

Sydney Park in Theres Someone Inside Your House

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ Channels 90s Slasher Vibes


A small town is besieged by terror when a killer with a motive comes calling.