Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman Annihilation Mutations

Natalie Portman Is On the Rise Again in 2018


After the success of Annihilation earlier this year, Portman continues to make 2018 proud.

Natalie Portman Black Swan

Natalie Portman Will Play Identical Twins in Her Next Directorial Effort


The ‘Black Swan’ actress scores a dual role unlike any other she’s played before.


Jane Foster could be The Mighty Thor in Phase 4 of the MCU


Also, we can all relax, Howard the Duck is alive.

Annihilation Sci Fi

What My Experience With Cancer Helped Me Understand About ‘Annihilation’


A deeply personal story about the relentlessness of mutating cells and what Alex Garland’s Annihilation gets right about cancer.

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Jon Hamm Joins True Astronaut Love Triangle Movie ‘Pale Blue Dot’


Noah Hawley’s feature directorial debut looks to splinter the psyches of love-torn astronauts.

Annihilation Natalie Portman

Let’s Talk About The End of ‘Annihilation’


How do you end the first film of a trilogy when there won’t be a second or third?

Annihilation Diversity

‘Annihilation’ Review: We’re Into Hard Sci-Fi. Fantasy Is Bullshit.


With ‘Annihilation,’ filmmaker Alex Garland has created one of the most challenging science fiction films of the decade.

Natalie Portman - Jackie

Natalie Portman Joins Pop Star Musical ‘Vox Lux’


Portman and Jude Law will be belting out tunes from Sia.

Natalie Portman - Thor

Natalie Portman Is Going Back to the Stars With ‘Pale Blue Dot’


Natalie Portman has wasted no time lining up her next project after Annihilation.