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The Americans

Games Without Frontiers: The Tragic Score of ‘The Americans’


FX’s ‘The Americans’ has garnered acclaim for its use of pop music, but Nathan Barr’s tense, emotional score is equally vital to the show.

Jesus Christ Superstar John Legend

Try Not To Get Worried About NBC’s ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’


With ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ coming to the small screen this weekend, we’re about to see how exactly how much political juice this 46-year-old musical still possesses.

Madonna Vogue David Fincher

10 Great Music Videos Directed By Your Favorite Filmmakers


When film directors venture into music videos, great things can happen.

Oscar Predictions Sound Awards

2018 Oscar Predictions: The Sound and Song Awards


For the sound awards, we found something that always makes the Oscars fun: a lack of consensus.

B Nef

10 Great Film Scores By Female Composers


Wonderful music that proves film music shouldn’t just be a man’s domain.

Early Man

A Conversation With ‘Early Man’ Composer Tom Howe


The ‘Early Man’ composer chats with us about what it’s like to write music for animation, work with a director’s vision, and create cavemen sounds.

Merlin Da D D Ad Cafeb Superjumbo

How does Disney Write Songs in Different Languages?


Watch a video essay on Disney’s attempts to represent cultures musically.

Johann Johannsson

Remembering Jóhann Jóhannsson, Visionary Film Composer


A tribute to modern cinema’s most fearless composer.

Timberlake Wonder Wheel

Justin Timberlake’s Myth of the Wild West


Exploring JT’s search for authenticity in the woods.