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2001 Opening title sequence

How the ‘2001’ Opening Title Sequence Musically Sums Up The Movie


Richard Strauss’ “Also sprach Zarathustra” perfectly sets the tone for Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi classic.

Update The Lists Spike Jonze

The 10 Best Spike Jonze Music Videos


With many of his credits to music videos, we take a look at the unique worlds Spike Jonze builds around the music of these artists.

The Beatles

I Saw a Film Today, Oh Boy: Exploring The Beatles’ Engrossing Cinematic Forays


The Fab Four’s films are a mixed bag, but they each provide wholly distinct insights into the world’s most beloved band.

Mean Streets Martin Scorsese Soundtracks

How Martin Scorsese Perfected the Movie Soundtrack


An exploration of Martin Scorsese’s most ingenious soundtracks, from ‘Mean Streets’ to ‘After Hours.’


The Legacy of ‘The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years,’ 30 Years Later


Music docs are becoming a pervasive, tired genre, yet the 1988 film still feels unflinching, gripping, and fresh.

Captain Marvel Film Logo

‘Captain Marvel’ Marks the Debut of the MCU’s First Female Composer


Rosie Perez Do The Right Thing Dance Scenes

A Tribute to Dance Scenes in Non-Musicals


There’s nothing greater than a perfect dance scene.

Beyonce Dreamgirls

All of BeyoncĂ©’s Movie Performances, Ranked


Beychella is easily her best musical performance, but which of these eight is her greatest acting role?


Predicting Who Will Score The Next James Bond


We know who will direct and who is returning to star, but the sound of James Bond may be just as important.