Michelle Williams

Blue Valentine

‘Blue Valentine’ and the Inevitability of Toxic Relationships


How the film’s final scene is both devastating and inevitable.

Michelle Williams All The Money In The World

Michelle Williams to Honor Christa McAuliffe’s Life in ‘The Challenger’


Get ready for heaps of tears. Williams will do what she does best and embody yet another tragic figure in history.

Whos Got The Pain

Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams to Star as Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon in New FX Series


Broadway legends dance their way to the small screen with the help of musical theatre giant Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Michelle Williams - The Greatest Showman Screenshot

‘This Is Jane’ to Shed Light on the Fight for Reproductive Rights


Michelle Williams is set to star in and produce the timely biopic.

All The Money In The World

Michelle Williams Is The Latest Victim of Hollywood’s Wage Gap


For her reshoots on ‘All The Money in the World,’ Michelle Williams’ earnings paled in comparison to that of Mark Wahlberg.