Another Round

‘Another Round’ Can’t Escape Its Own Hangover


Despite an intoxicating performance from Mads Mikkelsen, the novelty of the film’s provocative premise soon fizzles out.

Dafoe Siberia Abel Ferrara

With ‘Siberia,’ Abel Ferrara Pushes New Boundaries


Willem Dafoe is in his element in cult director Abel Ferrara’s nightmarish, experimental journey into the subconscious.

They Shall Not Grow Old Bw Color

‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ Review: Peter Jackson Brings WWI To Life In This Extraordinary Colorized Documentary (LFF)


Far from being a gimmick, the colorization of First World War footage in Peter Jackson’s new documentary restores that moment in history to its proper rawness.

Little Drummer Girl Pugh Skarsgard

‘The Little Drummer Girl’ Review: Park Chan-wook Brings His Signature Style to TV (LFF)


The ‘Oldboy’ director is a surprising choice to direct the latest John le Carré adaptation, but we think it works.

Happy New Year Colin Burstead

‘Happy New Year, Colin Burstead’ Review: A Violence-Free Ben Wheatley Movie is Born (LFF)


Ben Wheatley’s holiday drama is almost nothing like his previous work.

Beautiful Boy Carell Chalamet

‘Beautiful Boy’ Review: Timothée Chalamet Provides the Hits In This Hit and Miss Addiction Drama (LFF)


Beautiful Boy feels like a horror movie primarily directed at the parents in its audience.