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Box Office Mid Year

The Biggest Hits and Misses at the 2019 Box Office So Far


Midway into 2019, we look at the winners and losers of the year so far.

Toy Story

‘Toy Story 4’ Review: A Wonderful, Peculiar, and Worthy Send-off


If you can get past the bummer that is the lack of an opening short, you’ll be glad you did.

Us Scream

Defining the Anguish of The Tethered with the Composer of ‘Us’


We chat with Michael Abels about musically communicating the torment of the film’s antagonists.

Twilight Zone Replay Bw

The Brilliance of A Black and White Screening of ‘Replay’ from ‘The Twilight Zone’


Screenwriter Selwyn Seyfu Hinds puts the episode into perspective in the after-screening conversation and proves why his story is most at home in ‘The Twilight Zone.’

Twilight Zone

‘The Twilight Zone’ is Back and That’s a Very Good Thing


In age where it seems we are living in ‘The Twilight Zone’, the classic series returns with new stories that excite.

Us Jordan Peele

What Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Captures About Inequality


Jordan Peele’s new nightmare shows us that horror’s potential empathy is often under-appreciated.

Jordan Peele Us Ending

Deep Focus: ‘Us’ and The Split Diopter


The classic cinematic tool forever tethers its performers and characters.

'us' Thumbnail

Jordan Peele Makes Movies That Go Back to His Roots


He’s not the “new” anyone. He’s without a doubt, completely, 100% Jordan Peele and the mix of influences on ‘Us’ proves it.

Us Lupita

Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ Had the Best Opening for a Live-Action Original Movie in a Decade


The last movie of its kind to sell so many tickets was ‘Avatar’ in 2009.