Into the Dark

A Nasty Piece Of Work

‘A Nasty Piece of Work’ Review: ‘Into the Dark’ Delivers a Darkly Hilarious Christmas Story


Less about the horror than it is the laughs, but it’s still a Christmas treat.

Into The Dark Pilgrim Hulu

‘Pilgrim’ Review: Thanksgiving Goes ‘Into the Dark’ and From Frustrating to Fun


And you thought your family’s holiday dinners were rough.

Uncanny Annie

‘Uncanny Annie’ Review: ‘Into the Dark’ Delivers a Winner With Its Season Two Premiere


A fun, surprising horror film with an appealing cast goes a long way.

They Come Knocking

‘They Come Knocking’ Review: Blumhouse’s ‘Into the Dark’ Finally Goes for the Horror


June’s episode of ‘Into the Dark’ is the creepiest yet. Here’s our review of ‘They Come Knocking.’

Review Treehouse

‘Treehouse’ Review: Sometimes You Have to Go Into the Dark to Reach the Light


The newest episode of Hulu’s ‘Into the Dark’ film series might just be its best and most relevant yet.


‘Into the Dark – Down’ Review: Hulu’s Monthly Blumhouse Series Finally Delivers a Winner


Forget love in an elevator, there’s attempted murder going down.


‘Pooka’ Review: A Man, a Costume, and the Space In Between


The suit makes the man but unfortunately can’t help the movie.

Hulu The Body

Digging Into the Eerie Production Design of ‘The Body’ on Hulu


A fascinating look into the visual storytelling in the premiere episode of Hulu’s brand new series ‘Into the Dark’