Jason Mewes

Jason Mewes Talks Stan Lee, Comic-Con, And His Therapeutic Directorial Debut


We spoke to the actor-turned-director about his new film ‘Madness in the Method’ and how it helped shed the torment of typecasting.


Talking Greek Gods and ‘Astronaut’ with Richard Dreyfuss


We try to talk with the actor about his new film ‘Astronaut,’ but we quickly sidetrack into a philosophical exploration of the only rageful gods humanity deserves.

Death Of Stalin Banner

Christopher Willis on Finding Musical Inspiration in Stalin’s Russia for ‘The Death of Stalin’


An interview with Armando Iannucci’s composer which starts in Soviet Russia and ends in Walt Disney World.

Thunder Road Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings Chats About His Indie Hit ‘Thunder Road’


Jim Cummings talks about hurricane diaspores, toxic masculinity, and the importance of crying at comedies.

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Don Coscarelli Chats About His Upcoming Book “True Indie: Life and Death in Filmmaking”


We talk with the indie horror master about the evolution of filmmaking throughout his career and the challenges of cramming it all into a book.

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‘Searching’ Cinematographer Juan Sebastián Barón on the Power of Authentic Camerawork


We chat with ‘Searching’ Cinematographer Juan Sebastián Barón about finding creativity through restraint.

Blackkklansman JD Washington

John David Washington Talks ‘BlacKkKlansman,’ Colin Kaepernick, and Becoming a Cop


The star of ‘BlacKkKlansman’ tells us about preparing to play police officers: “I did ridealongs for about a month. It was hard to sleep that month with the things I was seeing.”

How To Talk To Girls At Parties Fanning

John Cameron Mitchell Talks His New Film, Today’s Punks, and the Current State of the UK


John Cameron Mitchell’s newest movie turns a Neil Gaiman short story into a vivacious cannibal punk extravaganza. He says it’s a metaphor for Brexit.


‘Dear White People’ Creator on Racism, Comedy, and Season 2


An interview with Justin Simien.