Guillermo Del Toro Cabinet Of Curiosities Review

Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ is a Well-Curated, Wide-Ranging Horror Anthology


Netflix’s latest anthology features Guillermo del Toro presenting eight horror stories from genre filmmakers. It’s ambitious, creative, and at times delightfully creepy.


Real Hauntings and Rubber Fingers: How They Made ‘Deadstream’


“I felt so privileged to be touching that sweet corpse head.”

House Horror

Why a 10-year-old Girl Is Credited for Co-Writing 1977’s ‘House’


‘House’ is one of the most bonkers horror films ever made. And we have a child to thank for it.

the new lead of Halloween Ends

‘Halloween Ends’ Two Films Too Late


Laurie and Michael take a back seat to a character straight out of ‘Christine,’ so that’s fun.

Brooklyn Horror Film Festival

The 7th Annual Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Brings Thrills and Chills to NYC


The Harbinger, Something in the Dirt, and Satan’s Slaves 2 are just a few of the must-sees this year.

Doctor X

Black, White, and Red All Over: The First Color Horror Movies


Well, two-strip Technicolor is red AND green but you get the idea.

Art the clown in Terrifier 2

‘Terrifier 2’ Ramps Up the Running Time and the Carnage


Your body may not be ready for what happens to bodies here…


‘Sisu’ Offers Glorious Carnage with Lapland Rambo vs. The Nazis


or: “I lived bitch” the movie.

The Void

Gazing Into ‘The Void’: Lovecraftian Horror Done Right


Statistically, you’re more likely to die in a hospital than anywhere else. Especially if there’s an Eldrich abomination in the basement.