Godzilla Vs Biollante

Big Boys and Mighty Metaphors: The Symbolic Power of the Kaiju


Big boys. Big ideas.

It Follows Cinematography

How the Cinematography in ‘It Follows’ Trains You To Be Paranoid


Thanks, ‘It Follows’ for making a slow pan feel so scary.

Streaming Horror March 2023

All the Horror You Need to Stream in March 2023


When it comes to horror streaming, March Madness is underway.

Streaming Horror February 2023

All the Horror You Need to Stream in February 2023


Here’s our monthly rundown of all the horror flicks dropping and departing from your favorite streaming services in February 2023.

True Blood Confederate Vampire Bill

The Curious Case of the Confederate Vampire Trope


Them good old boys were drinking whiskey and A+ blood bags.

Talk To Me

‘Talk to Me’ Unleashes a Brutal Slice of Possession Horror


Might just make even the skeptics think twice about playing around with the supernatural.

Horror Streaming January 2023

All the Horror You Need to Stream in January 2023


Ring in the new year with a bucket or blood or two.

Best Horror Movies 2022

The Best Horror Movies of 2022


Horror fans ate very, very well this year.

The Last Broadcast

The Prescient Faux-Documentary Horror of ‘The Last Broadcast’


Tulpas, truthiness, and the terrifying early days of web forms … ‘The Last Broadcast’ was truly ahead of its time.