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Katharine Hepburn Bringing Up Baby

How Katharine Hepburn Orchestrated Her Hollywood Comeback On Her Own Terms


Once dubbed “the most maligned woman in Hollywood,” Hepburn fought a frustratingly familiar uphill battle against her own industry.

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ReFrame Sets Out To Change How Hollywood Hires


The diversity initiative has outlined actions that the industry can take to increase inclusion in film, television, and other media.


Ben Mankiewicz Discusses FilmStruck’s New Partnership with Warner Brothers


The movie nerd’s ultimate streaming service furthers its celebration of classic cinema.

Business Man Signing A Contract (123RF)

The #MeToo Movement Has Found Its Way Into Hollywood Contracts


After months of sexual harassment reports, Hollywood begins to lay the foundation for more rigorous morality clauses and corporate codes of ethics.

Cinemark Marquee

Cinemark Creates New Membership Program that Offers Ticket Discounts and More


With a decline in ticket sales over the past years, theaters continue to offer discounted incentives to attract movie-goers, but there is still room for improvement.

Armie Hammer Free Fire

BuzzFeed Just Turned Armie Hammer Into a Household Name


Armie Hammer’s star has never burned brighter than when one BuzzFeed writer suggested it burned out completely.

John Lassester

Head of Pixar John Lasseter Accused of Sexual Misconduct


A shadow has fallen over Pixar.

Movie Theater Crowd

How Does Film Criticism Climb Out From Underneath the Hollywood Scandals?


With Hollywood scandals making headlines in waves, how do we overcome our collective paralysis?

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Mara Wilson’s Personal Essay Speaks to a Larger Hollywood Problem


Stop for a moment and listen to what Mara Wilson has to say. It’s important.