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What’s Next for the 2018 Oscar Winners?


Dying for more Frances McDormand? Wondering where else you can see Sam Rockwell? Let us guide you through their upcoming projects.

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The Tense Terror of the Oscar-Winning ‘Get Out’ Screenplay


This video investigates how Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning screenplay puts a uniquely unnerving spin on classic horror tropes.

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Jordan Peele’s Next Movie Won’t Deal With Race


The Oscar-nominated filmmaker aims to shoot his ‘Get Out’ follow-up later this year. 

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‘Black Panther’ Blends Blockbuster Distribution With Grassroots Activism


By sponsoring ‘Black Panther’ screenings around the country, communities are taking a page from issue-driven cinema.

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‘Call Me By Your Name’ is Heading to Oscar Glory


The film’s screenplay won two big awards over the weekend, while ‘Get Out’ was also honored.

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6 Filmmaking Tips from Jordan Peele


We explore the wisdom of Jordan Peele, writer/director of ‘Get Out.’ Here is some of his advice for achieving success when directing your first film.

His Girl Friday Video Essays By Women

Fantastic Video Essays by Women and Where to Find Them


Is your video essay watchlist a bit of a boys club? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.


WGA Nominees Feature ‘Logan’, ‘Get Out’, and ‘Lady Bird’


Logan becomes only the second superhero film ever nominated for a WGA award.

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Movie of the Year (2017): Get Out


When we saw this movie at Sundance in January 2017, it felt special. Though we never could’ve predicted its success and influence over the course of the year.