First Reformed

First Reformed darkness

The Decade-Defining Darkness of ‘First Reformed’


Here’s a video essay on why the pride and despair of Paul Schrader’s film defines the latent darkness of the 2010s.

Rewind Reckoning

How Movies Handled The Social Reckoning of 2018


This year’s films tackled reactions to injustice and moral failing.

Annihilation Memorable Film

Three Qualities of a Memorable Movie


Watch a video essay that analyzes how movies last in our memory thanks to their combination of great music, cinematography, and conclusion.

The Favourite Emma Stone

Gotham Awards Nominees Hint at Unexpected Indie Contenders in the Oscars Race


Among the already-established indie favorites this year, Eighth Grade and Hereditary are underdogs that could go far.

First Reformed Hawke Seyfried

The Visual Austerity of ‘First Reformed’


Just like the transcendental movies Paul Schrader first wrote about 46 years ago, ‘First Reformed’ is shot in a restrained manner designed to open up space for the spiritual.

First Reformed Thinking

‘First Reformed’ and the Two Types of Thinking Films


It’s a matter of questions and answers.

First Reformed Face

Paul Schrader Details the Journey of God’s Lonely Man from ‘Taxi Driver’ to ‘First Reformed’


We chat with the filmmaker about his obsession with despair and the inspiration that drives him behind the camera.