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The Night We Came Back to Fantastic Fest


A veteran attendee’s notes on the first day of the rest of Fantastic Fest’s life, plus evidence that ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’ really exists.

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Highlights from Tribeca’s ‘Schindler’s List’ 25th Anniversary Reunion


Steven Spielberg and cast on their arduous journey of making the 1993 classic.


“Gordon’s Alive!” And Other Tales from ‘Life After Flash’


Life After Flash is the discovery of a massive community of fans, friends, and family united by their desire to see the real Flash Gordon, Sam Jones, find success in life and film. And it’s beautiful.

Girls Impact the World Film Festival Works to Make Change Globally, Giving Youth a Voice


A non-profit hoping to give voices to student filmmakers is now making its mark on the world.


Sundance 2018: Sebastián Silva Talks the Complex Racial Drama of ‘Tyrel’


The Chilean provocateur discusses his film on white boy partying and small acts of racism.

Pity Sundance

Sundance 2018: ‘Pity’ Is An Absurdist Drama of Adequate Awkward Laughs


Tragedy brings out the best in humans.


A Conversation with Dan Gilroy


The filmmaker behind Roman J. Israel Esq. on working as a writer/director, and discovering story.

A Breakfast

David Arquette and Brandon Dickerson Talk Comedy, Filmmaking, and ‘Amanda & Jack Go Glamping’


We sat down with actor David Arquette and director Brandon Dickerson at the Austin Film Festival to talk about creating a comedy.

Lindsay Doran Universal Pictures

Austin Film Festival: A Conversation with Lindsay Doran


We dig into growing up in the business with super producer Lindsay Doran.