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American Honey Sasha Lane

How the Female Gaze of ‘American Honey’ Unsettles the Road Movie


Anyone else feel like going for a little drive?

Eos Sfcs

Have You Noticed This “Strong Female Character” Naming Trend?


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The Parent Trap Meredith

How Meredith Blake from ‘The Parent Trap’ Went from Villain to Relatable Icon


This “evil” stepmother figure in Disney’s 1998 remake is finally receiving the appreciation she always deserved.

Raw Garance Marillier

‘Raw’ and the Grisly Rituals of Growing Up


Through the artful presentation and deconstruction of implicit and explicit social mores, filmmaker Julia Ducournau forces us to confront the animal in all of us.

Buffy Polaroids Helpless

The Deadly Patriarchy of ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’: “Helpless”


A disturbing ritual, a brutal villain, and some harsh realities make “Helpless” one of the series’ most frightening episodes.

We Should Be Talking More About ‘GLOW’


The Netflix comedy’s third season is a profoundly well-crafted continuation of a story we’ve come to love.


The 5 Most Innovative Episodes of ‘Broad City’


Broad City has continuously pushed the boundaries of television comedy throughout its five-season run on Comedy Central with unapologetically feminist content and a penchant for playing with format.

‘The Misandrists’ Review: Bruce LaBruce, Feminism, and Camp


The queer Canadian filmmaker offers a funny yet critical take on gender and sexuality.

A Simple Favor

‘A Simple Favor’ and That Whole Lesbian Psycho Thing


How an overplayed trope with disturbing implications has real-life consequences.