Female Filmmakers

Sujata Day Definition Please

Sujata Day Wants to Tell a Different Kind of Story About South Asian Americans


We talk to the actress-turned-filmmaker about ‘Definition Please,’ paying homage to Bollywood, and why she never wants to be a producer again.

Lois Weber Where Are My Children Dancing Angels

‘Where Are My Children?’ and Lois Weber’s Trailblazing Films About Women


First-wave feminism sprung from the birth control movement, which is on full display in Weber’s controversial 1916 film.

Miss Juneteenth women in film 2020

How Women Took Up Space in the Movies of 2020


Watch a video essay about the female-led films that defined cinema last year.

Alicia Malone TCM

TCM’s Alicia Malone Talks ‘Women Make Film’ and the Importance of Contextualizing Classic Hollywood


Film historian and TCM host Alicia Malone discusses what makes ‘Women Make Film’ different from other film documentaries and what we can learn from old movies.

Women Make Film

How TCM’s ‘Women Make Film’ Makes Up for Film Education’s Exclusivity


Mark Cousins’ documentary and TCM’s accompanying programming expands the reach of conventional film education to a wider audience with a more diverse slate of movies.


Woman as Alien in Dorothy Arzner’s ‘Christopher Strong’


In a single shot with a single dress, Dorothy Arzner is able to capture the tone of gender tensions of the 1930s.


We’re Already Excited About Karyn Kusama’s ‘Dracula’


Karyn Kusama’s films are complex, divisive, and beautiful which means she’ll bring a fresh, new perspective on the well-known tale.

Women Directed Movies

84 Movies Directed by Women to Look Forward to in 2020


Your go-to guide to supporting female filmmakers in the new year.

Women Filmmakers Fall Festivals

Women Filmmakers Are Dominating The Fall Film Festivals, And It’s Time We Notice


‘Joker’ might be getting the most write-ups out of Venice, but women are reigning supreme at Canada’s premier film festival.