Fantasia Film Festival

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A scared woman in The Dark & The Wicked

There’s No Escaping ‘The Dark and the Wicked’


You’ll never look at a family farm the same way again.

Charlotte Kirk in The Reckoning

‘The Reckoning’ Finds Very Human Horror In Our Past


More grim drama than pure horror film, Neil Marshall’s latest targets human cruelty and fear.

A little boy in The Mortuary Collection

‘The Mortuary Collection’ Delivers a Gruesomely Fun Horror Anthology


Like fun? Enjoy ‘Creepshow?’ You’ll want to check out this gruesomely entertaining horror anthology.

Katja Herbers in The Columnist

‘The Columnist’ Bites Back


Katja Herbers is all of us as a woman dealing with online abuse in a bloody, cathartic way.

Fantasia Poster

29 More Reasons to Be Excited for Fantasia Film Festival 2020


New movies from the filmmakers behind ‘The Strangers,’ ‘Re:Born,’ ‘The Demolisher,’ and more are part of Fantasia 2020’s new announcement!

Fantasia 2020

Fantasia Film Festival 2020 Goes Virtual


21 new titles announced including new films from the directors of The Descent and One Cut of the Dead!

The Night House

‘The Night House’ Will Leave You Screaming


The director of ‘The Ritual’ returns with something far more frightening.


‘Harpoon’ Review: If the Boat’s a Rockin’, It’s Already Too Late (Fantasia 2019)


Turns out it’s bad luck heading to sea with people who hate your goddamn guts.

Extra Ordinary

‘Extra Ordinary’ Review: Supernatural Thrills and Very Real Laughs (Fantasia 2019)


Will Forte stretches his devilish side in this delightfully gooey Irish romp.