Fantasia Film Festival

Film Festival.

Paul Doods Deadly Lunch Break

‘Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break’ Dances a Fine Line Between Charm and Controversy


Fans of ‘Tucker & Dale vs Evil’ will want to seek out this dude’s adventures as soon as possible.

The Feast

‘The Feast’ Serves Up a Heaping Plate of Morality and Death, Welsh Style


Privilege meets its match as new money meets old gods.

Broadcast Signal Intrusion

‘Broadcast Signal Intrusion’ is Embedded with a Creepy Conspiracy


Masks make everything thirty percent creepier.

Nicolas Cage in Prisoners Of The Ghostland

Sion Sono and Nicolas Cage Have Fun in ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’


You’re either in or out the moment Nicolas Cage’s left testicle explodes, and there is no turning back.

A killer in Coming Home In The Dark

Tension and Terror Join Forces for ‘Coming Home in the Dark’


Survival is sometimes the hardest lesson to learn.

Fantasia Ave Maria Sequence

How Animators Created the Elaborate “Ave Maria” Sequence for ‘Fantasia’


You know what doesn’t help an already challenging multiplane camera set up? An earthquake.

A lone woman in Alone

Better ‘Alone’ In the Woods Than Alone with a Madman


Never trust a man with a mustache and a homemade arm sling.

Masked killers in For The Sake Of Vicious

Carnage and Confidence Collide in ‘For the Sake of Vicious’


A stylish home invasion thriller that forgoes suspense in favor of non-stop action? Yes please.

Julia Sarah Stone in Come True

‘Come True’ Ambitiously Blends Terror and Science Fiction


Sleep paralysis haunts thousands of people every night, and now it’s finally interesting to the rest of us too.