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Jin Ki-joo in Midnight

‘Midnight’ is a Triumph of Suspense, Terror, and Frustration


A hearing-impaired woman, a sadistic killer, and a date with terror.

Masumi in Yakuza Princess

‘Yakuza Princess’ Sets a Stylish Stage for Honor, Betrayal, and Swordplay


Come for the sword fights and passable action, stay for… Jonathan Rhys-Meyers?

an ax in The Sadness

‘The Sadness’ is Guaranteed to Leave Fans of Extreme Horror Smiling


You’re probably not prepared for this one, but you’ll want to dive in head first all the same.

a car in King Car

Man and Machine Make Love in Auto(mobile)-Erotic ‘King Car’


Some honk car horns, others bonk horny cars.

Vincent Kartheiser in Ultrasound

‘Ultrasound’ is Twisty Sci-Fi But Less Than the Sum of Its Confounding Parts


It’s okay if filmmakers know more about their story than audiences, but what if they’re every bit as in the dark on the film as the rest of us?

The cast of Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes

‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes’ is the Year’s Most Ingeniously Constructed Film


Seventy minutes of utter brilliance.

Ghosting Gloria

‘Ghosting Gloria’ is a Horny Ghost Romance That is Neither Horny nor Particularly Romantic


Finally, a rebuttal to Bo Derek’s 1989 comedy ‘Ghosts Can’t Do It.’

Neil Maskell in Bull

‘Bull’ Sees Bad Men Face Off Against a Worse Man


Only a fool would piss off Neil Maskell.

Fantasia Film Festival 2021

The 10 Most Anticipated Films at Fantasia International Film Festival 2021

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It wasn’t easy picking only ten films to be excited about, but we did it anyway.