Fantasia Film Festival

Film Festival.


‘Swallowed’ Sees a Friendship Burst with Bad Luck and Body Horror


What goes in, must come out.

The Roundup

‘The Roundup’ is Action/Comedy Perfection


The two genres are so rarely this well combined.

Next Door

‘Next Door’ Finds Comic Thrills Very Close to Home


Think a tighter, smaller, more contained take on the excellent ‘A Hard Day.’

Park So-dam in Special Delivery

‘Special Delivery’ Sends Park So-dam Speeding Towards Dangerous Popcorn Thrills


The director of ‘Private Eye’ is back with another fun thriller.

Shin Ultraman

Fantasia International Film Festival Announces a Stellar Second Wave


Thirty-four more films have been added to the lineup of this year’s most anticipated genre film festival.

Ryan Kwanten in Glorious

Fantasia International Film Festival Unleashes a Strong First Wave of Titles


Thirty-five films have been announced for this year’s Fantasia Film Festival, and there’s a lot more to come.

Aisha Dee in Sissy

‘Sissy’ Smashes Like Buttons and Heads With Equal Zeal


“You’re terrible, Muriel!” is written on someone’s t-shirt here, so that’s pretty great.

Rebecca Hall in Resurrection

‘Resurrection’ Sends Rebecca Hall Into a Downward Spiral Towards Madness


Think ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ but with a quietly grinning Tim Roth pulling all the strings.

Laura Galán in Piggy

‘Piggy’ Delivers a Stark But Thrilling Condemnation of Bullying


Justice comes for teenage bullies, and only their victim holds the key to their survival.