Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen in Raging Fire

‘Raging Fire’ Sees the Late, Great Benny Chan Deliver One Last Action Hit


Come for Donnie Yen’s brutally efficient MMA-style fighting, stay for Nicholas Tse’s wicked knife work.

Donnie Yen Kill Zone

Choreographed Chaos: The Realistic Fighting Style of Donnie Yen


Here’s a video essay on why Donnie Yen’s fight choreography kicks ass. Literally.

Enter The Fat Dragon

Donnie Yen Eats Carbs and Expels Laughs in ‘Enter the Fat Dragon’


It can’t touch its namesake, but there’s fun to be had all the same.

Donnie Yen Rogue One

Donnie Yen Joins Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’


We’re starting to see just how different Niki Caro’s remake the 1998 animated classic will be.

Jackie Chan in Wheels On Meals

12 Fantastic Martial Arts Movie Fight Scenes


A countdown that might leave you with a few bruises.