Notld Overlord

The Advantage of Diverse Casting That We Don’t Talk About


It’s not just about doing what’s right, it’s about being smart.


The Case for Gender-Flipping Franchises


Established franchises have been opting to swap out their beloved male leads for fresh female faces. But what are the benefits of telling the same story with a different gender?

Oceans Team

‘Ocean’s 8’ is a Stepping Stone, Not the Destination


Transition phases can be awkward, but that’s how we get places.

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Blumhouse Productions Is Quietly Bringing Diversity Behind the Camera


While other studios discuss the importance of working with filmmakers of color, Blumhouse is the one cutting the checks.

My Sister The Serial Killer

‘My Sister, the Serial Killer’ Sounds Like a Talent Magnet and We Have Suggestions


The satirical debut novel of Nigerian writer Oyinkan Braithwaite has been optioned by Working Title.

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ReFrame Sets Out To Change How Hollywood Hires


The diversity initiative has outlined actions that the industry can take to increase inclusion in film, television, and other media.