DC Comics


Plastic Man

Warner Bros. Needs ‘Plastic Man’ to Be Their ‘Deadpool’


He may have come first in the comics, but ‘Plastic Man’ will happily take second place cinematically.

Elseworlds, Part

The CW’s ‘Elseworlds’ Trailer Excites For Some Fan Favorites


The trailer for The CW’s newest Arrowverse crossover event features reality shifts, Batwoman, and black suit Superman. Get hyped.

Sweet Tooth

The Adorable and the Horrible Will Collide in ‘Sweet Tooth’


The DC Comics series is the latest work from creator Jeff Lemire to make its way to the small screen.

Survivors Club Comic Cover

Vertigo’s ‘Survivors’ Club’ Heads to the CW


The comics imprint has certainly served The CW well in the past with a gem like ‘iZombie.’

The Secret Six

DC Comics’ Other Suicide Squad is Heading to CBS


The ‘Secret Six’ series will showcase another all-villain team what has included Harley Quinn and Deadshot in its roster.

Joker Laugh Killing Joke

The Other Joker Movie Starts to Show Its Hand


Todd Phillips reveals his Joker while screenwriters give an update on the Joker/Harley Quinn movie.

Birds Of Prey Dc Comics

Here’s Who is in the Running for ‘Birds of Prey’


Warner Bros. is pulling out all the stops to ensure the best actresses land these iconic roles.

No Featured Image

What to Do About Superman


If Henry Cavill really is out, where should the character of Superman go next on the big screen?

Dc Universe Streaming Service Logo

How DC’s New Streaming Service Plans to Stick the Superhero Landing


DC Universe makes it easy to binge watch from the comfort of your very own Batcave.