DC Comics


The Suicide Squad

The Ending of ‘The Suicide Squad’ Explained: A Climax Without Villains


James Gunn provides nothing but love for his wretched characters. Even the big bad is not that big nor bad.

Batman Vs Superman Movie

The Alternate Universe ‘Batman vs Superman’


Let’s imagine a world where this movie went ahead, and The Dark Knight trilogy did not exist.

All Widow New Gods

Who is All-Widow in ‘The New Gods’?


The director tweets an update on her new film and fandom takes a sign of relief.

Ceaeedeb X

The Other ‘Birds of Prey’


The girls have history.

Dial H For Hero

Pitch Meeting: A ‘Dial H for Hero’ Movie


DC Comics needs its ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.’

Birds of Prey ending

The Ending of ‘Birds of Prey’ Explained


There’s nothing better than a bodega sandwich. NOTHING.

Wonder Woman Jet Shot

Shot by Shot with the ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Trailer


We pick apart a few of the best shots from the latest trailer and ascertain what threat the demigod faces in the sequel.

Birds Of Prey Beaver

What You Need to Know About Harley Quinn’s Beaver Sidekick


You might have noticed the cute critter on the latest ‘Birds of Prey’ poster. His name is Bernie and here’s his deal, based on his life in the comics.

Batman Year One

The Cast of ‘The Batman’ Challenges and Supports the Dark Knight Mythology


We scrounge through various filmographies to uncover Matt Reeves’ Gotham.