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Rewind Crying

2018 Was the Year I Started Crying During Movies


After years of cinematic stoicism, a trio of tearjerkers caused this writer to start crying at the movies (and probably never stop).

The Rider

‘The Rider’ and ‘Last Chance U’ Show the Darker Side of American Masculinity


Despite very different settings, one of 2018’s best movies and best television shows had a lot to say about youth culture.

Spongebob Rainbow

The Nautical Nonsense and Childlike Heart of SpongeBob SquarePants


We honor Stephen Hillenburg by appreciating all the wonderful under-the-sea magic he left behind.


The World of Sex Work as ‘Cam’ Sees It


A deep dive into the fascinating new Netflix thriller ‘Cam’ with someone who knows a little bit about its industry.

Fantastic Mr Fox

We’re Thankful For These Silver Linings of 2018


At times it felt as if 2018 was trying to crush our spirit, but these things helped us stay sane.

Western Town Paramount Ranch

The California Wildfires Took The Paramount Ranch, And With It So Much History


It’s time to bid farewell to nearly a century’s worth of Hollywood history.

Doug Liman

Director Doug Liman Believes ‘Fair Game’ is More Relevant Than Ever


Director Doug Liman on why he had to return to his 2009 movie and strip down Sean Penn’s performance.

Mac Finds His Pride Feature Image

‘It’s Always Sunny’ Transcends Expectations and Comedy Itself in a Jaw-Dropping Finale


‘Mac Finds His Pride’ is the show at its bravest, most serious, and absolute best.


The Spirit of Pittsburgh in Popular Culture


After last week’s shooting, we can all understand the community impacted in Pittsburgh through popular culture.