Valley Girl Trailer Shot

Roger Neill on the Sonic Time Travel of ‘Valley Girl’


We chat with the composer about inhabiting the headspace of the characters to achieve an authentic sound.

Best Film Scores of the Decade

The 25 Best Film Scores of the Decade


Hear, hear! We assembled the best of the best original soundtracks from 2010 to 2019.

Us Scream

Defining the Anguish of The Tethered with the Composer of ‘Us’


We chat with Michael Abels about musically communicating the torment of the film’s antagonists.

My Dinner With Herve Hbo

A Chat with ‘My Dinner with Hervé’ Composer David Norland


“It all comes down to the story in the end, but then, there are so many ways to tell a story.”

Death Of Stalin Banner

Christopher Willis on Finding Musical Inspiration in Stalin’s Russia for ‘The Death of Stalin’


An interview with Armando Iannucci’s composer which starts in Soviet Russia and ends in Walt Disney World.

Lalo Schifrin Dirty Harry

Making Clint Cool: Exploring Lalo Schifrin’s ‘Dirty Harry’ Music


How Lalo Schifrin used jazz moods to turn Eastwood into the king of cool.


How Music Serves a Story: A Conversation with Composer Adam Dorn


The Robin Williams documentary composer reveals the ins and outs of composing for television and film in his past and upcoming projects

Widows Viola Davis Steve Mcqueen

A Conversation with Two Maestros: ‘Widows’ Composer Hans Zimmer and Editor Joe Walker


Two artists talk about working with Steve McQueen, the original Widows, and creating a heist-film.


Predicting Who Will Score The Next James Bond


We know who will direct and who is returning to star, but the sound of James Bond may be just as important.