The Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah


From the elongated name to its Sahara-dry wit, An American Messiah is indie all around the edges. It borrows from the awkward-stare classroom of comedy that Christopher Guest perfected and Michael Scott made new again, but director Christopher Hansen and company have chosen to focus on The Almighty. Sort of.

Outrage! Calumny! Uwe Boll’s Postal Won’t Be In a Theater Near You!


Despite fans clamoring, waiting nearly twenty years, the brilliant viral marketing campaign and the constant positive media buzz, Uwe Boll’s latest piece of genius has been yanked from all 150 billion theaters that is was going to play in next weekend.

cop out endings Wizard Of Oz Ruby Slippers

The 7 Best Movies with Cop Out Endings


In 2008, Scott Beggs celebrated a movie trope responsible for a certain kind of conclusion.

5 Thing to Remember When Making a Political Comedy


In honor of the DVD release of Charlie Wilson’s War today and the upcoming elections this year, we would like to offer up our list of 5 key characteristics that all politicians (and German dictators) seem to have in common.

Lindsay Lohan Spreads Her Wings to Play Nymphomaniac


Since every other site that covers this story will make some sarcastic comment about Lohan showing her acting range by playing a sex-addict, I’ll spare you the tired humor. Instead, I’ll just give you the bare facts on what might become Lindsay Lohan’s finest role to date.

Jamie Pressly Loves You, Man


What do you do when you have two of the best comedic actors in the business – Paul Rudd and Jason Segel – slated for your new comedy? How about adding an Emmy-winning female presence to the mix?