What We Do In The Shadows

How ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ Made Vampires Cool Again


‘Twilight’ almost killed off vampires for good, but a group of weird New Zealanders resurrected the undead.

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The 50 Best Comedy Movies Ever


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Hot Fuzz

‘Hot Fuzz’ and the Art of Transcending Parody


Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg’s action-comedy is so much more than a parody of the genres it plays with.

Slut In A Good Way

‘Slut in a Good Way’ Takes Us Back to the Trials of Teen Life


Girls just want to have fun in this imperfect but entertaining French-Canadian film, now in theaters.


The 5 Most Innovative Episodes of ‘Broad City’


Broad City has continuously pushed the boundaries of television comedy throughout its five-season run on Comedy Central with unapologetically feminist content and a penchant for playing with format.

Breaker Upperers

Drop What You’re Doing and Watch ‘The Breaker Upperers’


Recently released on Netflix, this flick executive produced by Taika Waiti is another slice of sublime New Zealand comedy.


The NSFW ‘Booksmart’ Trailer is an Absolute Laugh Riot


Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut looks like another step forward for the raunchy, coming-of-age comedy genre.

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15 Underrated Romantic Movies Directed By Women


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Netflix Space Force

‘Space Force’ and Comedy in the Age of Trump


The Commander-in-Chief is so absurd that satirizing him is a difficult challenge.